Polish & Wax Applicator Kit

$29.95 GST Inclusive

Polish & Wax Applicator Kit is recommended for the manual application of the E-Valence range of polishes and waxes and other selected products.

Supplied in two parts, the ergonomic handle provides the appropriate mechanism for the Velcro attachment of either pad.

The polish and wax pads may be interchanged to suite the specific purpose.

Additionally, a separate polish pad may be used to apply Rubber Rejuvenator and Silicone Free Tyre Dressing.

Two microfibre cloths are included in this kit to assist in achieving that perfect diamond finish.

Replacement applicator pads are available as a single purchase items via the website.

For further information, please e-mail info@e-valence.com

Free delivery for orders over $100

Pad will attach to the Puk with its Velcro backing.

Use in the manor prescribed in the product application description for polishes and waxes.

The orange foam applicator pad should only be used for applying polish.

Rinse the orange  foam pad in cold water after use.

The black pad should only be used for applying wax.

Rinse the black pad in cold water after use.

The entire E-Valence range is water based.

Both pads should be thoroughly cleaned after use.

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