FLEX XFE 15 150 Cordless Polisher

$1,229.95 GST Inclusive

The Flex XFE 15 150 Cordless Polisher is the first choice for professionals and motoring enthusiasts.

Incorporating numerous valued features, it brings together a seamless polishing experience.

  • First of all, the electronic management system (EMS) and brush less motor increase the efficiency.
  • Whilst protecting the machine and thus extending its service life.
  • A prominent LED battery indicates remaining usable charge.
  • A 15 mm orbit for high efficiency and a free-spinning drive for hologram-free finishing.
  • Continuous speed control trigger: for a gentle start and a lock-on for continuous operation.
  • Cushioned special hook and loop pad for polishing and counterweight for smoother operation.
  • The polisher may be operated safely in any position because it’s flat gear head reduces the distance to the polishing surface.
  • ¬†Comfortable to control due to the ergonomic shape and soft grip of its hood.
  • Low heat generation on the surface makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive paints.
  • The first choice when applying E-Valence Medium Fine Polish.

Please call 1300 845 498 to discuss the FLEX range and your specific requirements.

Made in Germany.

Free delivery for orders over $100

Keep the polishing pad flat on the paint surface.


Always wear gloves and safety glasses when polishing.



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